Intra Market Research Will Help You:

Intra Market Research offers services across several expertises. Find out why and what we have to offer on our What We Do section.

Get to know your audiences & potential customers. No matter where they reside.

Analyze and learn all about your target audience and customers.

Market research is an integral part of marketing. Use research data to receive the attention you deserve.

We explore the motivation behind audience behaviour.

With our extensive knowledge of different markets, we are able to perform quality market research in 10+ countries, in both B2B and B2C markets.

Dedicated Market Research Panels

Our group of respondents are located world wide and work closely with us in delivering honest, quality responses to our needs.


We have extensive data on previous market research. This allows us to perform accurate benchmarking of your product or service.

Innovatie Research Methodologies

Different audiences need different approaches. We don’t stick to one channel. We are multi-channel.